How To Make Music Winter

Make Music Day

Fall is in full swing! If you are thinking about leading a participatory Make Music Winter event on December 21st, now is the time to start planning.

Want to start small? See how Southlake TX’s MusicMaker Arts Center coordinated “Bell by Bell” last year in a local market, for about 40 people to make music together.

Thinking a bit bigger? Crystal Lake IL’s Piano Trends Music organized a caroling parade ending in the city’s historic theater in 2018, and are building on their success with a ukulele camp and more for local singers this year.

Looking to do something unique? Land O’ Lakes WI has announced a “Music on Ice” program where people will play harmonicas, maracas, and tambourines — while ice skating!

And to further spark your imagination, check out our handbooks explaining how to lead an Electric Guitar Parade, Pilgrimage, Flatfoot Flatbush, Bell By Bell, and Winterize.

We would love to hear what you are doing! Please email about your plans, so we can begin supporting your events and spreading the word.

(PS — No, you do not need to live in a “Lake” city in order to participate.)