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Participate on Make Music Day by signing up your venue or band on our matchmaking site.

Participate On Make Music Day!

You can participate by signing up as either a venue or a performer! Just click to Login/Sign Up and complete your profile. You can then use the matchmaking feature to make a match worthy of celebration!

What is considered a venue? It could be your front porch, the sidewalk in front of your business, the front steps of your church, a street corner, a stage in your pub, or just about anywhere that could house a musician!

Who is considered a performer? Are you making music of some kind? You’re a performer.

Artists and venues for the event are paired through our match-making site. It’s fancy. It takes into account all sorts of preferences like available times, music genre, whether your set requires power and so on. In 2022, we had 100+ confirmed performances all around the city! The registration for 2024 will open May 1, 2024 through June 17. Happy Pairing!

How do I sign up? Check out the video tutorials below for step by step instructions on how to use the matchmaking site. Still need help? email us at or click the blue chat button in the bottom right corner of this page.

Be Sure To Livestream Your Performance!


How do I livestream my performance? We would love for you to stream your performance live on Facebook on Make Music Day.
It’s easy! Just stream from your phone or device using #makemusiccincy and #makemusicday.
For step by step instructions on how to live stream your performance, click here.

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How to Create an Account for Make Music Day

How to Sign Up for Make Music Day as a Performer

How to Sign Up for Make Music Day as a Venue