Make Music Hartford


Join the national band exchange: Bands Undercover

March 6, 2019

On June 21st, bands around the world will take to the streets to cover each other’s music and live stream their shows in a unique musical conversation called Bands Undercover.

All creators of original music are welcome — from solo singer-songwriters and electronic music producers, to metal bands, brass ensembles, choirs or traditional folk instruments. The only requirement is that you write original music of your own, and that you’re excited about covering someone else’s! It will take time to learn new, unfamiliar music, and we ask that every registrant carefully consider this commitment. We believe the effort will be deeply rewarded.

The Make Music Alliance will pair up bands based on information provided during registration. Registration closes April 15th. Bands will be matched by May 1st and expected to perform on June 21st. 

To sign up, visit:

How amazing would it be for Hartford and Greater Hartford bands to be a part of this event!? If you decide to register and you’re matched up with a band, give us a heads up so we can promote your participation!