Make Music Hartford


Dylan Healy: Faces of #MakeMusicHartford

May 29, 2019

Dylan Healy lives and breathes the arts. He is all at once a musician, booking manager, promoter, record label owner, photographer, and much more. Dylan is certainly a jack of all trades, which is what made him such a great collaborator on our MMH Planning Committee…even if he plays annoying instruments.

What is your instrument(s)? If not a singer/musician, what is your connection to the arts?
Voice, guitar, other string instruments, and annoying things like glockenspiel and melodica.

What do you do other than music/the arts – professionally? Hobbies?
Outside of all things music, I’m really into mid-mod furniture. I’m also trying to get better at cooking– I just learned how to properly roast a squash and it changed my life.

What drew you to MMH?
What drew me is how passionate Amanda and the team are about bringing the arts to everyone

What drew you to Hartford and what is making you stay
Community. Community. Community. Mo’s Midtown.
What is your favorite genre(s) of music?
Right now, all things Double Double Whammy.

Top 3 favorite things about Hartford:

1. Collaboration over competition.

2. Startups over franchises.

3. Aislin Magazine.
Fun fact:
I have dual citizenship in the US and Brazil.
What part of MMH are you most looking forward to? 

Hopes/dreams/wishes for Hartford:
Greater steps toward accessible resources and sustainability. Support companies like BlueEarth!


Photo credit for “The Faces of Make Music Hartford” photo series: Mike Marques Photo