Make Music Hartford


Dwight Hatch: Faces of #MakeMusicHartford

May 26, 2019

Take one look at Dwight Hatch’s photography, and you’ll see he has a keen eye for his environment. He contributed many of the pictures you’ve seen us using for MMH promotion this year, and he’ll be back, traversing our city blocks and parks, documenting the various happenings just one week from today! In this interview, he reveals how he first connected with the arts…clearly, it stuck.

What is your instrument(s)? If not a singer/musician, what is your connection to the arts?
My connection to the arts stared as an early teen, taking painting lessons with my mother from a local painter.  One night each week we would go and learn different mediums like oil, pastels and watercolor.  I sold my first painting at 13 years old.  Then I moved into photography, inspired by my brother, and I have been creating images ever since.

What do you do other than music/the arts – professionally? Hobbies?
Professionally, I was a computer programmer and lead technical designer at one of the major insurance companies in the Hartford area.  My other hobbies include golf, hiking, and travel.

What drew you to MMH?
As a photographer, I attended a class sponsored by the GHAC.  I knew right away that I wanted to collaborate as often as I could.  I also go into Hartford to photograph the city’s architecture, monuments and events along the Connecticut river.

What drew you to Hartford and what is making you stay?
I live very close to Hartford and attend various concerts, plays and sporting events throughout the area.

What is your favorite genre(s) of music?
I like most music. 

Top 3 favorite things about Hartford: The arts (GHAC, Hartford Stage, Xfinity Theatre, Riverfront activity’s like Guitars under the Stars, etc)…

What part of MMH are you most looking forward to?
Contributing to year two and Shooting Basses Loaded!

Hopes/dreams/wishes for Hartford:
To become a thriving city again!  Full of the arts for all to enjoy!!


Photo credit for “The Faces of Make Music Hartford” photo series: Mike Marques Photo