Make Music Laredo

Art Galleries, Historic Homes, Restaurant, Coffee Houses and Music Stores will be your stage to perform on Friday, June 21, 2024. It’s all FREE!

Young or old, novice or pro, all you need to do is register at

Here’s your chance to sing and/or play an instrument and Laredo what you can do!

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Free Music All Day!

In-Kind Sponsors:

“On June 21, 2023, 117 U.S. cities organized 4,791 free concerts, with over 100 each in Cincinnati, Madison, New York, Philadelphia, and Salem OR…all on a single day!

Register/Sign up at:

Laredo MMD Video.

Dixieland at The Laredo Center for the Arts, 06/21/21

Laredo’s Got Talent, Let’s Show It Off on June 21!

Monica Sanchez, Teacher/Musician/Visual Arts and Carlos Morales, Teacher/Musician

June 2021 make Music laredo, Laredo Center for the Arts