Make Music Day at Music Box – Drum Circle (Bucket Drumming)

Make Music Day

Make Music Germantown TN

Bucket Drumming - 4 - 30-minute sessions, back to back. Bucket drumming has been our favorite and most used music educational activity on site of our own school and on site of local schools, since this year's NAMM show. We have been studying under Music Will and their bucket drumming programming and our community is loving it, both kids and adults. We are planning on soliciting more bucket donations in our local community prior to 6/21 and setting up a few large spaces at our school for our students to come and take the bucket drumming class. We will also invite different local organizations (corporations, arts teams, girl and Boy Scout troops) to come take the class as a team building activity. This should be so much fun!


June 21, 2024

Time: 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM
Where: 7516 Capital Dr, Germantown, TN 38138
Event Leader: Yelena Ovando
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