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2024 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Alfred Ludovico

It is from daily and banal things that come melodies, arrangements, lyrics and compositions that inspire his work. The son of an American woman and a Brazilian man moved to Miami in 2019 after a whole working life in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He went through guitar lessons from an early age, until he completed his studies in the engineering course. This so practical and precise course came to help Alfred build what in the future would be his greatest pleasure: music. Yes, because it's not just imagination, it's form, it's practice, it's joining, it's mathematical. Among her artistic experiences, she went through the Luther King Choir with performances at festivals, shows and opera, which gave strength to her voice. He was a student of lyrical singing at the Municipal School of Music of São Paulo, founded a school of music and arts and more recently specialized in Popular Song. He also worked professionally with video production and dubbing for many years.

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