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2024 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Astro Social Club

ASTRO SOCIAL CLUB (f.k.a. The Mutts) is a band of brothers from five different mothers. The members are grizzled veterans of various New Jersey punk, jam, and sludge rock acts dating back to the turn of the century: guitarist and vocalist Geri Cinco; synthesist, guitarist and vocalist Adam Copeland; guitarist and vocalist Gary Laurie; bassist Greg Cuoco; and drummer Lloyd Naideck. After embarking on a years-long vision quest, it had become clear that five tastes that taste great, taste best together. Thus, ASTRO SOCIAL CLUB was born, combining the dynamic and varied songwriting of Cinco, Copeland, and Laurie together with the Zeusian rhythm section of Cuoco and Naideck into one terrifying five-headed beast. CARE REDUCER is the actualization of that vision, 11 tracks that form a swirling menagerie of anthemic pleas to the cosmos, paeans to the coming apocalypse, funkadelic rave ups, and prayers at the altar of the bygone gods of youth.

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