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2024 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Dante Mazzetti

"Causing a sensation in the music scene with his unique style of brave indie folk...Mazzetti's raw voice and bold creativity have positioned him as a force in the music industry." - Billboard There’s one thing about NYC native Dante Mazzetti that is certain - he is different. His gritty, deeply emotional lyrics and unique voice set him apart. Mazzetti is authentic, relatable, and raw. His indie folk brings a captivating sonic experience. His sound oscillates between upbeat infectious rhythms that compel listeners to dance and soul-stirring folk ballads that resonate with raw emotion. Recognized by Rival Magazine as "One of the best artists of the year,” Dante's artistry stands at the forefront of the folk movement. His music is featured in the hit Netflix film "Pain Hustlers,” he starred in Levi's "What's True" commercial campaign, and his music has been heard on radio stations worldwide.

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