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2024 Listings: Friday, June 21st


albi, a vibrant NYC-based duo consisting of Albi Theka and George Theka, offers a fresh and eclectic blend of original compositions and inventive arrangements spanning genres like pop, funk, rock, jazz, and electronic. Their performances seamlessly weave live instrumentation with dynamic produced elements, delivering an engaging experience suitable for any venue size. Albi's musical journey began during her youth, where she cultivated her skills as a cellist and vocalist through participation in various choirs during high school and college. She has since garnered experience performing with the New York City Ensemble Orchestra and at music festivals across the city. George's musical background started with classical guitar and evolved into collaborations across rock, funk, and jazz genres. His formal training at Berklee College of Music in Boston, coupled with his experience in NYC's music scene, has shaped his versatile approach to music. Albi performs as a duo or as a full band

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