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2024 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Sergio Napoletano

After years spent perfecting his craft as a guitarist for some of the most notable acts to come out of Staten Island’s rich and diverse local music scene (Paul & The Tall Trees, The Budos Band) as well as becoming a fixture at various acoustic showcases, singer/songwriter Sergio Napoletano has found his stride... and his bandmates. With an enormous support group of musicians/friends including AJ Pantaleo, drummer of The Jazztronauts (and who can also be heard on records with Baked and Bueno), the band succeeds in not just playing songs but creating the atmosphere in which they dwell. Also adding to the sonic landscape in past recordings is Will Schalda on keys (Billy Swivs) as well as his brother, Paul Schalda (Paul & The Tall Trees.)

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