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2024 Listings: Friday, June 21st


A major-label session guitarist and solo performer Fredrix has toured and/or recorded with such major label artists as hip hop superstars as Jay Z, J Cole, Jim Jones, Ja Rule, and more. As a solo artist, he has consistently toured every Summer for the past 12 years (prior to Covid) and has managed to tour the East Coast performing 198 shows in 4 months on his "The World Can't-Wait" Tour. Having released 3 solo albums in his career and with 3 solo albums in production, he continues to keep bringing his style of original music he calls "RebelJazz" to audiences everywhere. Note: Fredrix has performed for MMNY before performing 2 shows in one day (@Awedacity) proving why he's been called "LIVEnDIRECT!"

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