Make Music Day

2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st

Plaza: Forsyth Plaza

Forsyth St &, Canal St Chinatown

we are coming back to Make Music Day for another year! We will be at our new location at Forsyth Plaza by the base of the Manhattan Bridge in Chinatown We will provide PA, bass rig, two guitar combo drumkit Looking for loud Garage, Punk, and Ska acts!
Rain or shine

Performances on Make Music Day

2:45 PM - 3:15 PM Glicky's Connection
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM The Maledictions
4:15 PM - 4:45 PM Rev Rev
5:00 PM - 5:30 PM HEKLA
5:45 PM - 7:00 PM Johnny Mellor's Bastardos
7:00 PM - 7:45 PM Not All Heroes