Make Music Platteville


Who can participate?

Anyone. Whether you are a professional musician or just like to jam out alone in your house, we want you. Make Music Platteville is a day to celebrate all music and all musicians.

What is Make Music Platteville?

Make Music Platteville, part of the international Fete de la Musique, is a celebration of sound, occurring annually on the summer solstice (June 21). Joining over 1000 cities in 103 countries, Make Music Platteville is a free event to attend and participate in, and is open to all ages, genres, styles, and abilities. It is a DIY festival.


Who benefits?

  1. The City of Platteville. Music is a universal language and has the compelling power to bring diverse groups of individuals together. MMP is a time to come together as a city and celebrate the start of summer and the talented musicians that live here.
  2. The Musicians. Make Music Platteville is dedicated to helping fuel the success of local musicians. We do this through promotion and support. MMP provides an outlet for musicians and introduces them to new audiences.
  3. The Venues. Whether it’s one of the parks, museums, or your local business, people are going to come and listen. We hope that having music at your business will draw not only listeners, but new and more customers to your space.

Can I charge admission for a Make Music Platteville concert?

No. All Make Music Platteville concerts are free, outdoors, and open to the public.

Will I be paid to perform?

Make Music Platteville is a citywide celebration of summer and part of an international movement. As part of this international celebration, Make Music Platteville agrees to offer all performances for free to the public. As is the case with other cities around the world, our contribution is setting up the framework for performances by securing the permits, coordinating the concerts, and publicizing the event city-wide with media stories, concert listings with our media partners, an interactive website, and a volunteer street-team.

Participation at any level, as a musician, host, or spectator is voluntary. This allows musicians of all skill levels the opportunity to come out and perform in public if they wish. While most performers volunteer their time and talents, both venues and musicians are welcome to seek outside sponsorship and support if they so choose. Make Music Platteville venues may provide busking buckets, and spectators are encouraged to make donations.

Who can participate?

Make Music Platteville is Performed by Anyone, Enjoyed by Everyone – all over Platteville. Students, amateurs, part-time professionals, and established artists are all welcome. There is no audition process to be included in the musical merriment and Make Music Platteville is open to all ages, skill levels, and persuasions of music makers. All you you need to do is sign up, make your match with a venue, show up, and perform!