Make Music Salem


Make Salem Sing from The Statesman Journal

February 24, 2016

Make Salem Sing

Circle June 21 on the calendar.

That’s the day organizers behind Make Music Day hope Salem will be among the most tuneful cities in North America.

The idea is a simple one: To celebrate the summer solstice, musicians of all kinds will be invited to perform free at various locations in town.  Both amateur and professional music makers from our area will be joining like-minded (and like-talented) musicians playing in more than 750 cities worldwide, a global celebration of live music.

All musical styles are welcome, from alternative rock to zydeco, said  Mark Green, co-founder of the River City Rock Star Academy. “We want every genre you can think of.”

All ages are welcome, as well. “We want to reach out to school choirs and bands now,” Mark said.

Performance spaces will range from the steps of the Capitol to Grand Theater to anywhere imaginable. Think a musical smorgasbord.

What’s needed at this point are potential outdoor and indoor venues to host performers and volunteers to perform.

To express interest in hosting or performing , visit