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Getting Ready To Make Some Music!

May 24, 2017

Thank you for all those participating in Make Music Day Salem on Wednesday, June 21st, 2017. As of today, we have 96 performers signed up and 24 venues for the first full day of Summer! We wanted to provide some additional information for those signed up as well as those still planning on participating.

Common Questions

The volunteers here at Make Music Day Salem are working hard on all of the various aspects of putting on Salem’s biggest music festival, but we need your help to finalize the details. We know it can be a little confusing with our performer/venue matchmaking software called Solstice, so we wanted to provide you some help to book performances for Make Music Day.

1. I registered on the site, but I’m not sure what to do next?

Great! You’ve completed the first step. Now click on “Find a Match,” sort through the available options, and request performances. Make specific requests for specific set times, and send a message to the other party to confirm your interest and plans.

2. I submitted lots of performance requests, but I haven’t heard back from anyone! How do I finalize a performance?

First, it’s important to make a performance request for a specific set time. Requests spanning several hours are confusing to the other party. Ask for a specific time, and then send the other party a message or even give them a call to discuss.

Also and this is important please promptly decline requests that you don’t plan on accepting! It helps everyone figure out their plans, rather than waiting around for a response. Once your schedule is set, uncheck the “accept requests” box in your profile; that also saves others the trouble.

3. I confirmed everything on my end, but it still says “Pending Admin Confirmation.” What do I still need to do?

Don’t worry you’re all set! There are two levels of confirmation. First, the artist and the venue have to sign off on the performance time. Then, a Make Music Day Salem volunteer staff member has to confirm as well, to make sure the event does not conflict with any other performances in the area. If the venue and artist have both confirmed the time and place of the show, then you are all set. We will take care of the rest. It might take a few days, but we are on it. You will receive a final confirmation message once this is all complete.


Need More Help? Check Out These Videos

If you would like to see how this all works for yourself check out these helpful videos to help you work with Solstice.

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