Make Music Seattle



Wednesday June 21st 2023 Noon – 6:00pm
Make Music Day Seattle 2023

Pier 62

Performance schedule and line-up

Noon – Opening announcements – Interactive audience participation (Harmonica giveaway and music lessons)and DJ Smooth T

1:00PM – Uriea Wright
2:00PM – Markell from the Inner Circle

3:00PM – The Ancient Robotz
The Ancient Robotz are a collection of musicians and artists from different backgrounds who
come together to create a wonderful musical experience for people who love music that is

4:00PM- TessaRossa

5:00PM – Cherry Gee and SoundProof
SoundProof has the ability to play ALL genres of music such as: R&B Soul,

Motown/Funk, Reggae, etc. Cherry Gee, has performed for over 10 years in the PNW
and share the stage with SoundProof

Columbia City Theater Performances
4916 Rainier Avenue South

4:00PM – 10:00PM

4:00PM – Kevin Gardner

6:00PM – GoodyBagg
Goodybagg appeals to all generations and provides a nostalgic and phenomenal music experience
with its dazzling, high energetic live shows.

7:15PM- Nate Brien Native Hand drum playing

8:30PM – Dub Lounge International
Dub Lounge International (DLI) is a Roots Reggae and Dub band performing traditional
Jamaican music out of Seattle, WA for over two decades. Riding the wave of their new single
“One Day”, backed by radio play on KEXP and performed live throughout the Pacific Northwest,
DLI continues to pay homage to the traditional forms of Roots Reggae while blending DLI’s own
organic Dub elements with live improvisation spanning all music genres
The band was originally formed in 2001 as a backing band for the legendary Winston “Flames”
Jarrett by the founding member, leader, lead singer, harp player, and percussionist, Naphtali
Rashid (Tali). Tali has been performing music in Seattle and the Northwest for more than 40
years alongside many reggae legends, including Clinton Fearon and the dub master, Scientist.
Dub Lounge International’s newest single “One Day” is available for streaming and downloads
on all major streaming platforms.

Ballard Senior Center performances

5429 32nd NW
Seattle, WA 98107

1:00PM – 4:00PM

1:00PM – 2:00PM- Allan Hirsch

2:30PM – 3:30 PM- Mike Catts Trio with Adriana Giordano

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Performance schedule and line-up