Make Music Topanga

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the performers get paid?

Make Music Day is not a paying gig, but tips are allowed! A sign with your VenMo or PayPal info can be displayed during the performance, and venues may provide tip jars. (Though you are always welcome to bring your OWN self-styled tip jar for cash tips)

Why is it on a Friday?

Because June 21st is always International Make Music Day, and just like your birthday, it doesn’t always fall on a weekend.

Is this for professional musicians?

Like a good improv class, the answer is “Yes, And…” Because Make Music Day is for everyone! All skill levels. All ages. All genres. You can sing (or not) you can sing (and not play), as long as it is music.

Can kids perform?

Yes. For kids under 13, we require that their parent or guardian create their performer profile and use care when linking to external profiles. (Or avoid external links altogether if it is outside the family’s comfort zone.)

Please note that the responsible adult who creates this young person’s performer’s profile will be the point of contact. Kind of like being an artist’s manager!

What kind of “venues” can sign up?

Pretty much any location CAN sign up, as long as the location can provide FREE MUSIC that is available to THE PUBLIC.

Businesses – Outdoor space is ideal, but be mindful of your neighbors when planning amplification!

Residential – This can work BUT think it through! For example, your living room is a bad idea. But your front porch or yard could be a GREAT idea if you’re along a road with decent parking (or very walkable) where folks can enjoy the music without things getting weirdly invasive. Also, be mindful of neighbors and noise, as Make Music Day is on a Wednesday, and people gotta work the next morning. (i.e. Plan to wrap it up by 9 pm at the latest)

Only YOU know your comfort level, so make smart choices!

JUNE 3, 2023 is the last day to sign up. (Pitter patter!)

Who “runs” Make Music Topanga, exactly?

Nationally, Make Music Day is sponsored by the NAMM Foundation and there is a team of organizers who provide support and assets to all the cities that want to participate.

Locally, it is 100% volunteer-run…so all the ‘ideas’ are pure Topanga.

Our volunteer steering committee is all Topanga residents. Our role is publicity about signing up and attending, communication, “match-making” between venues and artists (when additional help is needed), and various logistical stuff.

Our venues/locations are all Opt-In and can request specific performers and curate the vibe of the music at their location for the day. Each location “runs” its own performance schedule — and is responsible for all equipment provided, communication with the performers about the time to arrive, etc.

The core organizers are always here to provide guidance on making arrangements and securing performers, but alas, none of the steering committee members are running to Topanga Lumber to get you an extra extension cord on the day.

I have a location to offer. Now what?

Go to the PARTICIPATE button on the landing page of this site.

Fill out a complete profile for your location. 

Here’s a tutorial video to walk you through the process:

How to Create a Venue Profile

As performers begin to sign up, you can request to be matched with them and vice versa. Once you’re matched, the Topanga Admin reviews to make sure that all is well. (After all, we don’t want Norweigan Death Metal next door to a bagpiper at the exact same time.)

When the Admin approves the pairing, you (the venue) will communicate with your confirmed performers to give them whatever details you have. Email if you have any specific questions about this!

JUNE 3, 2023 is the last day to sign up. (Pitter patter!)

I want to perform. Now what?

Go to the landing page of this website and click PARTICIPATE.

Create a profile. Here’s a tutorial video to walk you though the simple process:

How to Create a Performer Profile

You’ll be able to request a slot at a published location. If there aren’t very many available when you first sign up, check back. We all know Topanga is about deciding last minute. Venues may reach out to request you perform. You can approve or decline.

Topanga Admin will have final approval on pairings of venue and performer, just to ensure no one performance interferes with the audio of another one nearby.

The venue will reach out to you directly to communicate details. You can also email them and introduce yourself!

JUNE 3, 2023 is the last day to sign up. (Pitter patter!)

How do I explain this concept most accurately?

First off, thanks for being so excited that you want to help promote. To keep things simple, you might describe Make Music Topanga in this way:

Make Music Topanga is a local, volunteer-run extension of an International DIY Music Festival. Through a match-making portal, both locations wanting to host and performers (of any skill level/genre/age group) wanting to do their thing for an audience can create a profile.

Venues can request particular performers, musicians can request particular venues…and when the City Admin blesses the union, it’s “go time.”

There are 3 rules to Make Music Day:

  1. Always June 21.
  2. Always Free to the Public.
  3. Always MUSIC!

Who promotes this event?


The magic is the community-wide support, coming together to make a great day for everyone! There is no one entity responsible for this event, merely people coming together to enable individual businesses/locations to host a line-up of musicians if they so choose!

Just tag our social @MakeMusicTopanga and use our hashtags so we can share your great work with our growing group of followers and music fans. Be creative. That’s kind of our thing in these here hills.

#MakeMusicTopanga #MakeMusicDay2024

How do I see who is playing?

Visit the “Listings” tab on the main page menu. When you click, you’ll see an interactive map showing locations and scheduled performers. You can view by map, or filter by venue or performer. This will update relatively real-time, as we add new venues & artists.


When’s the deadline to sign up?

All locations and performers’ Profiles must be entered by the end of the day on June 3, 2024.

(Real talk: the longer you wait, the less choice there may be on locations/performers to match with…so pick the pace that’s right for you and don’t say we didn’t warn ya.)


Am I guaranteed a performance slot once I create a profile?

We work hard to match performers with a place to play that meets their technical and availability requirements. Idealistically, we dream of complete and total harmony.

However, it is possible that a performer’s availability doesn’t align with any available locations’ time slots. (Or that a performer needing electricity and PA can’t be matched with a venue offering exactly what is required. Or that the genre doesn’t fit with a venue’s vision.)

It’s the old struggle between supply and demand. We are doing our best to encourage more locations to open up to meet the enthusiastic response from our artistic community. We also encourage musicians to be as flexible as possible on what their performance needs are and timing.

If things are looking tough, the City Admin will reach out to individual performers to figure out options.

We so our best to matchmake. Even so, we admit that it doesn’t always work out perfectly and that’s OK too.