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Am I guaranteed a performance slot once I create a profile?

June 5, 2021

We work hard to match performers with a place to play that meets their technical and availability requirements. Idealistically, we dream of complete and total harmony.

However, it is possible that a performer’s availability doesn’t align with any available locations’ time slots. (Or that a performer needing electricity and PA can’t be matched with a venue offering exactly what is required. Or that the genre doesn’t fit with a venue’s vision.)

It’s the old struggle between supply and demand. We are doing our best to encourage more locations to open up to meet the enthusiastic response from our artistic community. We also encourage musicians to be as flexible as possible on what their performance needs are and timing.

If things are looking tough, the City Admin will reach out to individual performers to figure out options.

We so our best to matchmake. Even so, we admit that it doesn’t always work out perfectly and that’s OK too.