Make Music Topanga


What kind of “venues” can sign up?

April 17, 2021

Pretty much any location CAN sign up, as long as the location can provide FREE MUSIC that is available to THE PUBLIC.

Businesses – Outdoor space is ideal, but be mindful of your neighbors when planning amplification!

Residential – This can work BUT think it through! For example, your living room is a bad idea. But your front porch or yard could be a GREAT idea if you’re along a road with decent parking (or very walkable) where folks can enjoy the music without things getting weirdly invasive. Also, be mindful of neighbors and noise, as Make Music Day is on a Wednesday, and people gotta work the next morning. (i.e. Plan to wrap it up by 9 pm at the latest)

Only YOU know your comfort level, so make smart choices!

JUNE 3, 2023 is the last day to sign up. (Pitter patter!)