Make Music Topanga


Who promotes this event?

April 29, 2021


The magic is the community-wide support, coming together to make a great day for everyone! There is no one entity responsible for this event, merely people coming together to enable individual businesses/locations to host a line-up of musicians if they so choose!

  • The volunteer steering committee does the broad strokes about getting sign-ups and attendance going–flyering, local paper coverage, hitting all the event calendars, etc. Our site will have a Listing Map that populates about three weeks out with confirmed sets and locations, so attendees can plan their caravan paths.
  • Each location and performer taps into their friends and social media followers to announce they are taking part! This is essential to ensure that we don’t miss a beat when it comes to attendance!

Just tag our social @MakeMusicTopanga and use our hashtags so we can share your great work with our growing group of followers and music fans. Be creative. That’s kind of our thing in these here hills.

#MakeMusicTopanga #MakeMusicDay2024