Make Music Waunakee

About Make Music Waunakee

Make Music Waunakee is a part of the global Make Music Day celebration that happens in over 1,000 international cities on June 21st each year. This free, village-wide, outdoor day of music, will bring musicians and music enthusiasts of all ages and talents together throughout the community to share their love of music with each other.

Unlike other music festivals, Make Music Events are free in all ways and open to anyone who wants to participate. Every type of musician — young, old, amateur, or professional, is invited out into the community to share their love of music with friends and neighbors. Events will range from live shows in the park with seasoned musicians playing well loved favorites. It can be a student performing an original song for the first time, maybe at a local coffee shop, or from their front porch. From virtual choir concerts to jam sessions, drum circles to youth programming, every kind of musical happening is welcomed!

Make Music Day isn’t just about the performers, it’s about celebrating every kind of music there is in ways that are accessible for everyone to enjoy. By far, the easiest way to participate is to get out and support your local artists by enjoying their performances and activities on June 21st, whether in-person or virtual!