Winter Schedule 2022

Make Music Day

2022 Make Music Winter Schedule

Make Music Winter will take place on Wednesday December 21, 2022. See below to find an event near you!

Alphabetical by City:

Bell By Bell

Created by Tom Peyton, Bell By Bell is a lively and atmospheric parade that is accessible to all, and can be performed in any kind of weather. An event leader will distribute dozens of color-coded diatonic bells to the crowd, one color per note. At the front of the group, a team of conductors will wave corresponding colored flags to lead the group in slowly moving music by the composers, creating a sonorous, atmospheric soundscape. No one needs to be a musician in order to join in and play the pieces.

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The Resonant Path

Make Music Winter rings in the solstice this year with a new gong experience called The Resonant Path. In each city, a path lined with gongs will be continuously played over the course of an hour, creating a natural crescendo and decrescendo as participants walk past, enveloped in waves of sound.

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Instruments for Make Music Winter 2022 are generously donated by Rhythm Band Instruments