Make Music, Make Friends

Make Music Day

An international musical exchange for children aged 7-13.

For the second year, Make Music, Make Friends will connect school children aged 7-13 from Australia, Germany, Ghana, Mexico, Pakistan, South Africa, Thailand, Türkiye, U.K., and the U.S. on Make Music Day, sharing videos of their musical performances with each other.

Up to ten classes from each country will create a musical greeting video, share it with schools from different countries, and have their students watch these musical messages on June 21. Some schools will choose a traditional song from their country, while others will play a new composition, or simply a song that they like to sing.

Through this virtual exchange, Make Music, Make Friends will expose children to different regions and cultures, while providing an authentic audience for their own performance.

Make Music, Make Friends is coordinated by Make Music Day UK and the Make Music Alliance.

Group 1

Golden Age International SchoolGhana
President High SchoolSouth Africa
Great Yarmouth Charter AcademyUK

Group 2

Great Lampteymills Complex SchoolGhana
Keagile Primary SchoolSouth Africa
Jones Memorial Primary SchoolUK

Group 3

Soul Clinic International schoolGhana
Music maker’sMexico
Jeppe High School for GirlsSouth Africa
Antalya Kumluca Cumhuriyet İlkokuluTürkiye
St. Anthony’s PrimaryUK

Group 4

Soul Clinic International SchoolGhana
Harmony SchoolMexico
DM Motaosele secondary schoolSouth Africa
Elbeyli ilkokuluTürkiye
Hadrian AcademyUK

Group 5

Messiah music schoolGhana
Leona avicarioMexico
Ashton junior college BenoniSouth Africa
Rahmiye Malcıoğlu İlkokuluTürkiye
St John’s CofE (Aided) Primary SchoolUK

Group 6

North Darkuman Preparatory SchoolGhana
Bajo el RobleMexico
Forehill Primary SchoolScotland
Epworth Prep School for Boys and GirlsSouth Africa
125th Year Regional Boarding Secondary SchoolTürkiye

Group 7

Concord West Public SchoolAustralia
Execellent International SchoolGhana
Llandudno Primary SchoolSouth Africa
Eskisehir Atyurt ilkokuluTürkiye

Group 8

Secret Harbour Primary SchoolAustralia
Harmonic Music SchoolGhana
James Guinn Elementary SchoolUSA

Group 9

Emerald Primary SchoolAustralia
Phasers AcadamyGhana
MetaRock School of MusicMexico
Pietermaritzburg Children’s ChoirSouth Africa
Avukat Hasan Hüsnü Kılıç İlkokuluTürkiye

Group 10

Eli Music AcadamyGhana
Collective MusicMexico
The Armonia Children’s ChoirSouth Africa
Cumhuriyet İlkokuluTürkiye
John Marshall Elementary SchoolUSA

Group 11

Musikschule der Landeshauptstadt HannoverDeutschland
Afrika School Of MusicGhana
Karşıyaka Science and Art CenterTürkiye
Stoddard Elementary SchoolUnited States

Group 12

The Wright International SchoolGhana
Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary SchoolThailand
Layika Akbilek ilkokuluTurkiye
Paul Revere ElementaryUSA

Group 13

Highbury International SchoolGhana
Beaconhouse Educational ComplexPakistan
Orange GroveUSA

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