National Partners

Make Music Day

The Make Music Alliance thanks this year’s U.S. partners!

Elixir Strings

You might not know that Gore, the company behind waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX fabrics, has been equally innovative in the area of guitar strings. In 1997, using a new coating technology, the company’s research team developed Elixir Strings, known for their extended life and consistent tone.

This year, Elixir Strings is joining as a Make Music Day partner, providing free guitar strings for the String Together initiative, taking place in dozens of music stores across the US and in Europe.


Harman has been a crucial supporter of Make Music Day for the last nine years, part of their unwavering commitment to music and music education.

In 2023, Harman sponsored the relaunched Make Music Detroit, presenting an interactive “Street Studio” with The Beatbox House at the JBL Soho store in New York, and getting their employees involved in Make Music Day in their offices around the word.


Make Music partner Hohner has long been a leader in the harmonica field.

In 2024, for the twelfth straight year, Hohner is generously providing thousands of free harmonicas across dozens of cities for Make Music Day, allowing countless first-time players to start developing the skills to make music throughout the year.

Levitt Foundation

Through grantmaking and research, the Levitt Foundation leverages the power of free, live music to strengthen the social fabric of communities, creating places people love while amplifying local pride, injecting joy into underused public spaces and fostering more equitable, healthy and thriving communities one city, and one concert, at a time.

MakeMusic Inc

This year, MakeMusic Inc is supporting Make Music Day’s first-ever nationwide band initiative, Randall Standridge’s Earthgroove.

Along with taking the lead in commissioning the piece, MakeMusic Inc is providing free access to Earthgroove in MakeMusic Cloud, with practice tools and rich accompaniment to make preparation for the event more fun and meaningful.

Makey Makey

Makey Makey joins Make Music Day for the third time in 2024! Using this circuit board, plugged into a computer, performers of all levels will turn everyday objects into touchpads and use them to make music.

Music Performance Trust Fund

The nonprofit Music Performance Trust Fund (MPTF) provides admission-free, live, quality music, performed by professional musicians, to people of all ages and backgrounds across North America.

For the tenth year for Make Music Day, the MPTF is generously supporting innovative programs across dozens of cities in 2024. Each program gives established professionals the chance to mentor amateur and up-and-coming musicians, while providing a high-quality concert for the public.

NAMM Foundation

Founded in 2006, The NAMM Foundation is a partner organization of NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) that represents the generosity and philanthropy of the music products industry. In 2024, the NAMM Foundation is the presenting sponsor of Make Music Day in the U.S.

In addition to research projects that study and report on the impact of making music at every age, The NAMM Foundation also supports innovative music-making programs and advocacy efforts, as well as provides scholarships and training materials that keep music education strong in communities everywhere.

Rhythm Band Instruments

Rhythm Band Instruments, makers of the pitched hollow plastic tubes called Boomwhackers®, are donating instrument kits around the country for participatory projects on Make Music Day and for Make Music Winter!

Thank you to Rhythm Band Instruments for supporting Make Music Day since 2016!


Sweetwater Sound is renowned among musicians not only for great deals on music gear, but for being remarkably hands-on and personable in our increasingly anonymous digital era. Sweetwater knows the value of music in building a community.

That’s why Sweetwater has decided to play a major role in spreading Make Music across the country. Over the last nine years they have spread the word to hundreds of thousands of customers, while starting up local Make Music events locally in Fort Wayne IN. The Make Music Alliance thanks Sweetwater for supporting Make Music Day!

Vic Firth

The Vic Firth Company, setting the standard for percussion since its inception in 1963, is supporting two major Make Music events this year.

For the fourth year, percussionists who attend Flowerpot Music events across the country will be provided with Vic Firth’s Balter mallets, and invited to make music together. Anyone can join the events and make a great sound on a flowerpot – no experience required!

And Vic Firth is also providing drumsticks for dozens of bucket drumming events in plazas and parks around the country, open to kids and adults, professionals and amateurs, well-heeled and homeless. The goal is to spread the message that to make music, all you need is a beat in your heart… and a pair of sticks.