Chicago: The Resonant Path

Make Music Day

Make Music Winter: Saturday December 21

The 77th Midwest Clinic, the renowned annual conference with over 18,000 music educator and musician attendees, hosts “The Resonant Path” for the second year in a cavernous indoor space at the convention center entrance.

Nearly 40 large gongs will be continuously played over the course of an hour, creating a natural crescendo and decrescendo as participants walk past, enveloped in waves of sound. This performance is open to the public; no tickets or badges are required to attend.

The Resonant Path is led by percussionists Keith Aleo, Ben Wahlund, and James Yakas.

Start: 3:30 pm at 2317 South Indiana Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

End: 4:30 pm at

How to Join: Interested in contributing to the gong orchestra? Email Keith Aleo at for more info.

Start: Midwest Clinic at McCormick Place West, 3:30 pm

2317 South Indiana Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

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