Make Music Texas

Make Music Day

Willie Nelson. Beyoncé. Gary Clark Jr. Selena. Janis Joplin. Bun B. Waylon Jennings. You.

Join in the symphony of Make Music Texas, inviting both longtime residents and newcomers of the Lone Star State to contribute a melody to the vibrant musical tapestry of Texas. Come Friday, June 21, 2024, Texans will unite to mark the Summer Solstice, embracing the longest day of the year with the magic of music.

We invite artists of all ages and genres, amateur and professional alike, to sign up to perform free concerts on June 21 in public spaces throughout the state. Everyone is welcome, and we mean everyone — even if you’ve never touched an instrument before, our regional organizers will have free music lessons and special hands-on music making opportunities just for you. And if you have a location to offer — a storefront, park, porch, or sidewalk — we invite you to sign up to host musicians on June 21. Just click on your local celebration to get started!

Make Music Texas is presented by Texas Music Office.

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